Learn How to dance in 14 days

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Jumpstart Your Skills In Only 14 Days!

What You'll Learn Inside


Learn all the fundamentals you need to start dancing with confidence and have fun doing it! We cover everything including Basic Grooves, Footwork, Arm Movements, Isolations, and much more!


Sometimes you just want to have fun by pulling out some popular dance moves that will wow the crowd. Inside we’ll go over the exact moves that you can always have in your back pocket to stand out!


One of the hardest parts of dance can be transiting from learning a few moves to performing full-length routines. Inside DNCR 14, you’ll learn how to memorize those routines and perform in a way that is polished, sharp, and powerful!


Many of us get into dance hoping to one day perform awesome moves like Arm Waves, Body Waves, Tutting, and Animation! Learning those moves isn’t as hard as you think – and we’ll show you how!


Have you ever been to a party and wished you could dance your heart out and make it up as you go? Inside DNCR 14 you’ll develop the freestyle skills you need to create new moves and form your own style!

When you get DNCR 14 today, you'll have access for life, so you can come back again and again!

Learn Everything
Step By Step

So many people want to learn to dance but never end up trying.

Why? Because dance can seem like a lot to learn – with so many places to start.

DNCR 14 solves that by providing a clear, straightforward track to transforming the way you dance!

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14 days of lessons designed to rapidly get you dancing your favorite techniques with confidence!


15 mins

Join Matt and the group to nail down the fundamental grooves you need to dance with confidence!


12 mins

Next it's all about isolations - which will help us create clean and sharp movements in our routines!


13 mins

From arm waves to body waves - learn how to gain control and smooth out your movements!​

Party Moves

10 mins

Part of learning to dance of course means learning some moves that you can pull out on the dance floor!

Tutting & Animation

10 mins

Tutting and animation can look tricky, but on Day 5 we'll dive into how you can get started quickly!

Much More...

Hours of Lessons

The lessons don't stop there. With two full weeks of content you'll be knocking out your favorite moves!


To make the program the best it could be and get you extra dance tips you won’t find elsewhere, DNCR 14 also features guest instruction from Gabe De Guzman and Josh Killacky!

The Right Time To Start Learning To Dance Is Now!

I remember being intimidated by dance.

In fact, before dance I was a professional dancer and traveled the world to teach thousands…

Dance was just something I’d watch others do and wonder… “How?”

At the age of 17, I felt like I was already a little old to start dancing, and unfortunately that held me back.

Because the truth is…

Dance is for everyone – and that is why we created DNCR 14.

To help YOU learn the dance skills you need to have fun and dance confidently even if you feel like “it’s just too late” or you don’t “see yourself as a dancer.”

Because NOW is always the right time to start dancing!


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DNCR 14 was created with the purpose of helping your learn to dance and keep dancing as long as you want! That’s why as a special bonus, you’ll get a to try DNCR Academy free for one month as a member of DNCR 14!

Anyone can learn to dance. Why not you?

GET 75% OFF When You Join Today!




Hear From Ray!

Ray isn’t what you’d first think of when you hear the term “dancer” – but he changes that quickly.

For his entire life Ray was interested in dance – but as a husband, father, and corporate lawyer… he never found time for it.

After his kids started dancing however, he got into it – discovering his love for dance – and hopes to inspire you to do the same!

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We've got the answers...

DNCR 14 is a 14 day dance course specifically designed to get you dancing confidently in just two weeks. With 14 straight days of content, you’ll learn new techniques every day!

As a member of DNCR 14 you get full access to 14 days of course content including complete lessons of dance techniques and styles from Matt and the crew!

All DNCR 14 members can also claim a free first month of DNCR Academy when they join!

Watch DNCR 14 from desktop, tablets, and mobile! To log in from the browser simply click “Log In” in the top right corner and log in with your email and password. For mobile and tablets, simply download the Kajabi app from the app store and log in with the email you use for DNCR 14.

DNCR 14 is a one-time 14-day course designed to help anyone who has ever wanted to dance, dance confidently in just two weeks!

DNCR Academy is the main monthly program which is updated with new courses and choreography every month, and which covers a wide range of songs and techniques!

DNCR 14 contains lessons on everything from basic grooves, isolations, and waving to more advanced techniques like animation, tutting, and more!

DNCR 14 is for anyone who has ever wanted to dance! That means if you’ve ever felt like you’re “just too old”, “not old enough”, “not a natural dancer” or anything else… this is for YOU!

Anyone can learn to dance. Why not you?

GET 75% OFF When You Join Today!


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and win cool prizes?

We use your email to give you access! Never to spam you :)